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Our platform, a first-of-its-kind, caters to investors of all budget sizes, offering them the opportunity to select and invest in individual properties at their convenience. Through strategic partnerships with reputable estate agents in Dubai, we gain access to a diverse array of attractive off-plan properties that will be exclusively featured on our platform. In developing the platform, we are proud to partner with Digishares, a pioneer in real-world asset tokenization. Their technology powers the Future Now backend, ensuring full compliance with industry regulations.

Navigating the Future: Our Pathway Forward

Phase 1
- Project conception and company formation
- Development of pitch deck and business model
- Team formation
- Initial online presence
- Foundersale
- First partnerships
Phase 2
- Team expansion
- Improved online presence
- Tokenomics development
- Planning of sales model
- Marketing planning
Phase 3
- Start of Private Sales activities $HCI
- NFT collection launch incl. community building
- Technical platform specification and first developments
- Fundraising for first real estate projects
- Planning of the first HCI Club trips to Dubai
- Conducting the first AMAs
Phase 4
- Completion of private sale
- Preparation for public sale and exchange listings
- Finalization of platform's technical development
- Visual platform enhancements
- Expansion of partnerships

Team Behind Future Now

The Future Now team comprises of experienced founders, corporate leaders with a proven track records, and blockchain experts. Together, we’re implementing an innovative concept while staying committed to tried-and-true methods for building successful businesses.

Core Team

Olaf Niggemann

CEO and Founder

Christoph Kogl


Dr. Matthias Becker


Advisory Team

Moritz Schwarzmann

Consulting and development company

Claus Skaaning

Expert in Real Estate Tokenization

Andreas Kindt

Advisor Products & Services


By investing in the RED token, investors gain access to a dynamic real estate ecosystem, benefit from cost savings, earn rewards, and actively participate in shaping the project’s future.

Participate in Governance

RED token holders have the opportunity to participate in key governance decisions, allowing them to have a say in the future of Real Estate Dubai.

Fee Discounts

By staking the RED token, users can enjoy reduced performance fees, providing cost savings and enhancing their investment returns.

Staking Rewards

Holders of the RED token can earn staking rewards by locking up their tokens, incentivizing long-term participation and contributing to the stability of the ecosystem.

Future Governance Enhancements

As the project evolves, the governance system aims to transition to a more reputation-based system, giving more weight to long-term contributors and ensuring effective decision-making.

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