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No, $HCI Tokens are not currently available for public sale. We will be releasing a limited number or $HCI Tokens at a discounted price to members of the FUTURE NOW Whitelist during out token presale.

Click Here to Sign up to the Whitelist Today.

No, joining the Whitelist is free, and it carries no obligation for any future purchases. Being on the Whitelist grants you exclusive early access to purchase $HCI Tokens during the Presale.

The $HCI token presale offers you a chance to contribute to the expansion and advancement of the FUTURE NOW Ecosystem by acquiring $HCI tokens ahead of their public release. This presale is designed for prospective token holders who aim to participate in FUTURE NOW at an early stage, securing tokens before the public launch. To understand the token benefits and utilities, please refer to the section “Token presale and NFT”
  1. Visit the Presale Page: Head to the “Token Presale and NFT” section on our official website for all the relevant details.
  2. Select Payment Method: Choose between using your crypto wallet or paying with a credit card for your purchase.
  3. Connect Your Wallet: If using a crypto wallet, securely connect it to the platform, following any necessary verification steps.
  4. Complete Purchase: After confirming your purchase details, proceed to complete the transaction as directed.
  5. Receive Confirmation: Once your purchase is successful, you should receive a confirmation message or email as proof of your participation in the token presale.
  6. Check Token Allocation: You can verify your token allocation by accessing your wallet on our website. This will provide you with a clear overview of the tokens you’ve acquired.
    Note: The tradeable $HCI tokens will be airdropped directly to your wallet a few days before public listing (Q1 2024) and will not be visible in your wallet until that date.

All presale participants will receive their token allocation a few days before the public sale through an airdrop. This measure is designed to minimize the risk of early liquidity pools and speculation, in the best interest of all stakeholders. If you have registered on our Whitelist, you will be notified a few days prior to the token airdrop. This notification will provide you with the details you need to access and manage your tokens in your wallet.

You can also find us on X (Twitter) and join our Telegram channel. Please refer to the icons at the top of the page.

Dubai Invest is built on the Polygon blockchain due to the Deep Liquidity and Security that the chain offers.