$HCI Pre-Sale

Become a stakeholder in the Future Now platform. You’re early.

The $HCI token functions as the utility token in the Future Now ecosystem, offering users valuable advantages like transactional fee discounts of up to 30% on the Future Now platform. Through participating in the presale, token holders can obtain the token at a considerably reduced price compared to its anticipated public listing ($0.30 each vs. listing at $0.60). This allows stakeholders to secure a share in the project before the upcoming marketing campaign is launched. To reward our Holders and support our token continuously we also use 50% of generated platform fees as Buy Back and Burn – leading to an increases demand for the $HCI token.


Become a member of the Future Now inner circle.

Become a member of the Future Now
inner circle.

The Future Now NFT is a membership pass strictly limited to 100 units and priced at $1000:

  • Preferential ICO Access
  • A $HCI Token Airdrop worth at least $100
  •  Governance Rights in the Future Now project (usually reserved to $HCI token holders)
  • Early Project Announcements and Private Community
  •  3-day trip to Dubai incl. hotel, visiting real estate projects and networking with influencers and investors (flight excluded)
  •  Access to our Affiliate program to earn long-term commissions