As a startup in the exciting world of blockchain technology, we know that one of the crucial elements for our success is the financial support from investors. However, we are also faced with some challenges when it comes to finding the right investors for our vision and business model. In this post, I would like to present the 5 biggest challenges we encounter and possible solutions.

1️⃣ Challenge: Lack of knowledge about blockchain technology
A common problem when searching for investors is that many do not have sufficient knowledge about the workings and potential of blockchain. To solve this problem, we focus on extensive education efforts. We create informative presentations, infographics, and whitepapers to educate investors about the benefits and use cases of blockchain technology.

2️⃣ Challenge: Risk aversion towards new technologies
Blockchain technology is relatively new and carries certain risks that potential investors may be wary of. To alleviate their concerns, we prioritize transparent communication. We share our progress, successes, as well as any challenges, ensuring that investors have a clear understanding of our business model and protective measures.

3️⃣ Challenge: Lack of industry experience
Blockchain is a specialized and rapidly evolving field. Investors with experience in the industry are often difficult to come by. To overcome this hurdle, we build a strong network and actively seek industry experts who can invest financially and with their knowledge into our company. We participate in conferences and meetups to connect with like-minded individuals.

4️⃣ Challenge: High investment amounts
Blockchain projects often require significant investments to realize their full potential. This can lead to hesitation or withdrawal from some investors. To address this challenge, we create different investment opportunities that cater to both large and smaller investors. We also explore alternative funding sources such as government grant programs or partnerships with established companies.

5️⃣ Challenge: Compelling value propositions
Investors have a multitude of options to invest in promising blockchain startups. Our challenge is to communicate our value proposition clearly and convincingly. Therefore, we heavily focus on developing a differentiated business model, a clear competitive strategy, and a compelling growth plan to persuade investors of our potential.

Overall, finding investors as a startup in the blockchain industry is certainly not an easy task.

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